Turning Client Satisfaction into Client Astonishment.

Speaker Justin Gilbert, like you, understands that we live in a fast-paced culture where technology is advancing at breakneck speeds. It is a crowded marketplace and customers now have potentially thousands of options to buy similar products from companies who are delivering them faster, cheaper and more efficiently than your organization can.

 Justin is currently the lead digital sales manager for the worlds largest magic company Murphy’s Magic Supplies Inc. As well, he is a former brand manager for PH Presents and has worked as a writer and creative consultant for world-famous magicians, including Criss Angel, Keith Barry and dozens of others that you have recently seen on Penn and Teller's hit television show Fool Us as well as featured performers on America's Got Talent.  Justin has taken his expert knowledge gleaned from years of selling, performing, inventing and coaching in the niche magic market to create The Astonishment Academy. The mission of the academy is to share Justin's unique approach and framework for creating moments of true astonishment and authentic connection. The Astonishment Academy approach has found its way with great success into a variety of organizations wishing to bring their brands to life and to radically improve their customer / client experience.  


The Keynote:

Robots VS humans

Authentic human experiences are being replaced by robots and technology at a rapid pace with no end in sight. How can a business compete with this reality? 

Can creating authentic person-to-person and group moments of astonishment really increase the bottom line?  

Can utilizing age-old secrets of perception and connection used by master magicians make us better leaders, salespeople, coworkers and family members?

After 25-plus years in the trenches creating WOW,  Justin Gilbert believes the answer to that question is a resounding Yes!

Learning how to create moments of authentic astonishment can make you and your company more memorable, likeable and influential.

Most people don't realize that you do not have to be a magician to create these defining moments. Creating paradigm-popping experiences is a learned skill and not just a gift given to the special few whose mothers were owls and who were born on the top of a pyramid. 

Justin’s experiential magic, science and psychology-based approach is radically different from your typical leadership, sales or communication training, as it was honed during years of real-world experience as a professional magician, writer and audience- engagement consultant for large corporations such as A&E Television, Discovery Channel, Cruise Connections, Disney, Bell Canada, Western Vascular Society, NRG Research Group and many other organizations looking for innovative and unique approaches to solve real-world business concerns.

Justin is best known for his energetic keynote presentations. His entertaining, authentic delivery style and modern approach to presenting his information will keep your attendees on the edge of their seats from beginning to end! 

Your participants will not only experience firsthand the feeling of true astonishment through Justin's use of real-time interactive magic as a metaphor, they will also leave with Justin’s simple step-by-step formula on how to create and share their own astonishing moments with  others.

Note: Keynote presentation can be custom tailored for your organization’s specific needs according to who will be attending. Perfect for leaders, sales staff and customer service representatives. We can also design a full-day or half-day break-out session for your event.

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Some of you kind humans may enjoy this classic video of me talking shop whilst consulting on Criss Angel's hit show MindFreak!

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I really enjoyed presenting “THE PRACTICAL USES OF ASTONISHMENT IN A MODERN WORLD” talk at the stanley park Tedx event.

Call direct at 604 399 8977 / email

Or simply click the button below to fill out a basic contact form.


Call direct at 604 399 8977 / email

Or simply click the button below to fill out a basic contact form.