Whenever I speak for a group I discuss my framework on how to create magic without actually having to perform magic tricks. However, no matter what I say or do on stage, some of you still want to know more about the magic. “How did you do that!” “How can I do that!” So for the relentless lovers of magic: I have some good news for you!

Welcome to my flagship online course THE ASTONISHING EXECUTIVE! You are about to learn how to walk the world as the true magician you were meant to be.

Imagine being able to create a moment of pure wonder and astonishment anywhere, anytime and for anybody—magic like you have only ever seen on TV— in the palm of your hands and at the drop of a hat.

This course will take you from point A to point B in the shortest time possible, even if you know nothing about magic. I have invented and hand chosen a curated selection of the easiest and most powerful magic effects and brain hacks in the world. I am going to walk you through them every single step of the way using magic psychology, real-world performance experience and nuance so you can go out into the world and shine in front of the humans you want to impress the most.

There are hundreds of books on magic and thousands of free videos online but the real secrets and the best effects do not exist there; they exist in the minds of a select few who have spent a lifetime in magic, inventing it, teaching it and performing it thousands of times in front of real people. You will be receiving the same insights and psychology I have shared with some of the very best magicians in the world— a master class, if you will. I deeply value the secrets of the magic art form and that’s why this course will not be for everyone. These are the secrets I want to keep under my belt and only share with a select few awesome executives that are interested in going to the next level with their engagement and connection in their business. If this is something you might be interested in, please join the wait list and the Astonishment Academy team will assess whether you are a good fit for the program. If accepted, you will be notified immediately when we relaunch the Astonishing Executive training.