Let the Astonishment Academy provide you with entertainment that your guests will talk about for years to come!

It’s hard to come up with ideas for your special occasion that are different and not the same old thing that people have experienced over and over again isn’t it? 

Although Justin spends most of his time speaking and training with groups, he still loves to show up as the mysterious stranger at your private event to create moments of astonishing magic and humour. If Justin is not personally available the Astonishment Academy has access to the very best Speakers, Magicians, and Mind Readers in the world and can work with your group to find a performer that will help you create real magic at your next unforgettable event!

Here are a few ideas that we feel would pair perfectly with your next:








#1 - Astonishing Strolling Magic and Mind Reading

What makes a private party / corporate event successful?

Yes, the catering and décor are important—but the key factor to a successful event is making sure everyone is having a wonderful time! People need to start having fun as soon as they arrive.

Picture this: It’s the cocktail hour. People are standing around having a drink, trying to make small talk and be interesting, which can sometimes be an awkward situation. Suddenly, laughter and applause are heard from across the room. “What’s going on over there?” they wonder.

They stroll over to see what’s happening. Of course it’s the fabulous Astonishment Academy entertainer you’ve hired working through the crowd, going from group to group, table to table, bringing laughter and amazement with mini demonstrations of the kind of incredible mind reading feats and magic that up until this point your guests have only ever seen on television.

Minds are read, objects vanish and re-appear, jaws drop when seemingly random decisions are predicted in advance and your mystery entertainer looks into your eyes and tells you the name of the first person you ever kissed! This kind of interactive and up close astonishment we are talking about. This mingling entertainment creates a buzz and excitement in the room that is truly unforgettable.

Within minutes this unique magic experience has already accomplished two very impressive things:

  1. It has broken the ice, amazed and created laughter. Your guests are now relaxed and in the right mindset to continue their evening having fun and interacting with the other attendees.

  2. This unforgettable experience becomes hardwired into their memories. That means when they recall your unique event you will get the credit for organizing something extremely special!

To see first hand some of the reactions your guests will experience click on the video link below!

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#2-Looking for 45 action-packed minutes of mind reading, comedy and total audience participation from the stage?

Whatever your needs are for the event, Justin Gilbert will design hilarious, interactive and psychologically stimulating mind magic presentations that are customized to your specific group.

No levitations, dancing girls or large glittery boxes, this is next-level mind magic that involves the participation of the entire audience! The outcome of each show is based solely on the actions and decisions made by your attendees in the moment. Justin Gilbert will influence your thoughts, predict the outcome of random decisions, and find objects in the room whilst blindfolded! A one of a kind astonishing interactive performance that your guests will never forget!

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